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Dogs For Sale
 Absolutely no dogs sold or intended for illegal purposes! ! ! !

"Pups  available"

We have 2 litters at this time

Born 6/11/02
5 girls 4 Boys
ADBA Pheonix Arizona's Sunrise
 Crenshaw/Mims 55 lb
 Red/ Rednose Female AKA "NIQUIE"
(Thanks Phatman Kennels)
As always Kane is the father.
Pic's Updated  7/5/02

#1  Female White w red spots "Luna"  $500.00

#2 Female White with little red spot  "Miracle" $500.00

#3 Female red red nose "Chloe"  $500.00

#4 female choc with white "Sierra"  $500.00

#5 Female Red red nose (lighter shade) "Millie" $500.00

#1 Male White with choc spot "Reno" $500.00

#2 Male Choc with white chest "Oscar"  $500.00

#3 Male choc with white on nose and chest  "Leo" $500.00

#4 Male White with choc spots  "Dugan"$500.00

 when calling about a pup
please remind us witch litter you are calling about!

   Kane and Nekkie have been bred 4/2/02
Nekki is a unique creme (blue fawn) color with a gray nose and weighs about 60-65 lbs.
Kane is red red nose and weighs about 75 lbs.
Pups will be ADBA  $500.00 and up!

Nekki and Kane's puppies are here!

I will be taking Deposit's on June 20 2002
Picture's taken 7/5/02
"Deja" Blue  Merle  Female  # 1  

Buckskin Female  " Simba" #2   $500.00

Red  Female   "Nekkie Two" #4  $700.00

Red  Merle  with white blaze Female   "Ulie" #5  
not for sale

Black Gray Male  "Slick" # 1   $500.00

Blue  Merle (1/2 face) Male  "Phantom"  # 2  $800.00

Blue  Merle  (with white blaze) Male   "Prince" #3  $800.00

Choc  Male   "Rush" #4     
Sold  to  Chris Rush    
(deposit taken)

I'm looking for a good home for Brutis, He is ADBA reg.
3 1/2 years old never bred will make a GREAT STUD
 Brutis will production great show dogs

Niquie and Kane's last litter one pup left!
Kane and Niquie have been bred again updates soon!
Pic taken 5/14/02

  Karma And Kane's pup  
Born 11/20/01
Pic's Updated 4/13/02
pups are now 11 wks 2/04/02

Last one left!
    #2 Buckskin Male $400.00  (pic @ 4 mos old)

 Litter From Chris Fuller,  Parent are Peaches & FatBoy  on What's New Page
For Sale
 Now 2 Mos.

Female #2   $350.00
  "Updated 2/4/02"

Plus shipping and crate.